Vehicle Wraps: Delivery Trucks

Branding your box delivery trucks is an effective promotional marketing solution using your company’s entire commercial fleet. Truck wraps provide maximum brand exposure as each vehicle drives through the community promoting your business.

Expand Your Brand and Promote Your Business

Because of their huge flat exterior surfaces, your company’s box delivery trucks provide amazing advertising opportunities over traditional marketing schemes. Large and small businesses use their delivery trucks as a platform for marketing advertisement solutions to deliver thousands of impressions to potential and existing customers every day. Your entire truck fleet can be used to create maximum exposure to build or enhance your company brand.

Avoid Local Restrictions

For a one-time payment charge, this type of outdoor advertising circumvents the increasing state and local restrictions on billboard placements. It also eliminates the annual cost associated with purchasing billboard-advertising space. Your graphics-covered box delivery truck can be parked anywhere, without violating advertising codes and restrictions.

Full Box Delivery Truck Wraps

As a popular option, full box wraps maximize every available square foot of your delivery truck for advertising. Quality vinyl is installed on the front and back body sections of the truck, along with both sides. To reduce the cost of a full box delivery truck wrap, you can eliminate covering the cab. The roof of the delivery truck is rarely used as advertising space.

Partial Truck Wraps

A partial truck wrap is a very cost efficient promotional marketing tool that provides advertising vinyl covers on various portions of the truck, including the sides and back. As an option you can install branding decals or vinyl images and lettering on both doors of the truck. Overall, partial wraps can reduce the vinyl graphics advertisement cost up to 60% over a fully wrapped truck.

Quality Cut Vinyl Graphics

For minimal advertising budgets, consider advertising with a combination of a highly visible phone number, your business website address and company logo. Vinyl graphics can be cut in any size or shape. They can be installed on the side space of the truck to promote a continuous marketing message that includes all pertinent contact information.