Vehicle Wraps: Food Trucks

Food Truck Wraps Transform the Curb Appeal of Your On-Wheels Eatery

If you have not used a food truck vinyl wrap to promote your on-wheels restaurant business, you might be missing the perfect way to advertise your food products. Today’s food trucks are no longer just painted with illustrations, and instead are wrapped with a high-quality graphics, commercially designed and printed on vinyl film. Truck wrappings provide a very cost effective way to outfit your truck to continuously promote your company brand.

First Impressions

Marketing your food truck business will always depend on instant brand recognition as a necessity to promote your company and all of your food products. Bland, single color trucks generally offer old and unappealing exposure that is often misinterpreted by any potential client's taste buds. Like the food you serve, quality presentation of your truck is half the battle in garnering your percentage of the on-wheels restaurant niche market.

Transforming Old into New

Marketing your business with a well-designed appealing food truck wrap allows you to instantly brand your products. It is an easy way to create and retain a solid customer base. A well-designed food truck wrap can instantly transform an old, outdated food truck into a new and appealing restaurant business on wheels.

A Food Truck Wrap

Strong, durable vinyl sheets are creatively designed and commercially printed using computer software. Each piece is then carefully applied to all or portions of your food truck. With careful precision, nearly every surface on the truck can be covered with high-quality vinyl graphics, including the rivets and windows.

Experienced technicians hand measuring your truck will create an exact template of each piece that will be applied. The measurements, through a computer software program help to work out all the details, before creating the chosen design. Placement of the logo, along with selections of the colors and text type work their way into the design process to create the final results, chosen by you.

Upon final approval, the graphic vinyl pieces are printed and applied to your truck. The transformation from an old outdated truck to a new on-wheels restaurant is instantaneous, creating an amazing rolling advertisement for your food business. Your once drab food truck is instantly converted into a vehicle that appeals to your target customers to help improve your sales and profits.


Using only the finest top-quality vinyl, you can be sure the applied graphics will not warp, crack or peel. Expert installation ensures that the finished look will be wrinkle and bubble-free.

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