Tour Bus Wraps

From baseball bats to baseball teams…bandages to bands…wedding rings to boxing rings. Whatever you’re promoting, it’s all about getting noticed.

You need to get the attention of your target audience in a way that’s dramatic and memorable. You’ve tried the traditional media but it’s expensive and can get lost amid all the noise and hype.

Here’s a better idea!

  • If your audience won’t go to your ad, how about having your ad go to your audience?
  • And how about if that ad is 45 feet of rolling drama broadcasting your message in exactly the right place at the right time?
  • Maybe the best news of all. What if you could reach thousands of your target audience at just a fraction of the cost of TV, radio and print ads?

Impossible, you say?

Not at Best Print Graphics, because we do all that and more.

The idea is simple. We wrap tour buses—either a commercial vehicle your company already owns or we’ll provide the bus through our bus charter partner, Quality Assurance Travel.

Bus wrap advertising works…and the impact is amazing.

Best Print Graphics’ full-coverage tour bus wraps are colorful, eye-catching, vibrant and make quite an impression—giving your product unparalleled exposure. In fact, studies show that more than 90 percent of people take notice of the messages displayed on tour buses, which also have the highest unprompted recall of any out-of-home ad media.

When it comes to creative bus wraps, we’ll take care of everything::
  • We’ll design your tour bus graphics so they’re innovative, and in step with your current branding and promotion.
  • We know what works and what doesn’t, so will give you exactly what produces the best results at the lowest cost.
  • We use materials that won’t damage your bus’s paint and can easily be removed when your message changes.
  • Better yet, all of our vehicle wraps are earth-friendly—made from 100 percent post-consumer waste, paper that has been separated from its original purpose to be recycled into new paper.

More and more of our clients have discovered the extraordinary value and benefits of wrapping tour buses with their company name and promotional information. All you have to do is sit back, admire your amazing traveling ad and watch your profits grow as your ad budget shrinks.

Ready to get noticed? Get started today—contact us at 408.855.9727 or