Vehicle Wraps: Roof & Hood

If you are looking for a great way to customize your vehicle, and give it an eye-catching, sleek, and distinctive look, roof and hood wraps provide quick and simple solutions. We can wrap your entire vehicle of course, but many drivers enjoy the appearance and cost of only wrapping the hood of the vehicle, the roof, or wrapping both of these areas.

The vehicle wrap is installed to the hood or roof by our team of specialists, giving the new design a flawless and bubble free appearance, almost indistinguishable from a custom paint application. Roof wraps and hood wraps not only make your vehicle more distinguishable, but they also add a quality layer of protection for your paint. When the wraps are installed and removed correctly, the underlying paint remains in top quality condition.

Finding the Right Hood Wrap/Roof Wrap

Adding a roof wrap, hood wrap, or both, to your vehicle is a great way to compliment and accent the vehicle's existing paint. We have a variety of different vehicle wraps from which you can choose, but the most popular selections include:

  • Matte Black
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Carbon Fiber

To choose the best hood or roof wrap for your vehicle, you must determine what qualities are most important to you. Do you want a matte finish, a sleek and glossy finish, or an extremely durable vehicle wrap? Let our team know what look you want to achieve with your hood or roof wrap, and we can help you explore your options.

Long Lasting Vehicle Wraps

We want your vehicle wrap to be an investment for your vehicle that you can enjoy for many years. This is why we always install hood wraps and roof wraps from 3M, the leading provider of vehicle wrap materials. The products provided from 3M make flawless installation much easier, and have a very long expected lifespan compared to other vehicle wrap products.

Your vehicle wrap from 3M includes a warranty of up to three years, but the expected performance life of the wraps extends to a minimum of five years. With proper care, most hood and roof wraps outlast this five-year expectation.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in enhancing the design and protection of your vehicle with a hood or roof wrap, please contact us today to learn more about your options. Our team of vehicle wrap experts and specialists will be happy to provide recommendations or book your installation today.