Vehicle Wraps: SUVs & Cars

Depending on your business needs and marketing budget, you can cover your vehicle(s) with advertisements using a full or half wrap, spot graphics/lettering, perforated vinyl for the windows only or a combinaton of both.

Custom Bus Wraps

Car Wrapping Is a Good Investment and an Effective Advertising Solution Wrapping your car with business advertisements is a simple and cost-effective way to transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard. With the latest advancements in vinyl technology, the prices of vinyl graphic wrap have reduced significantly, offering unlimited colors and finishes for your on-vehicle marketing promotions. Providing between 30,000 and 70,000 views each day, your vinyl-wrapped car can promote your company business in an affordable and effective way.

Promotional Marketing Alternatives

Advertising on your van, box truck or car creates eye-catching attention using creative designs and detailed messaging. Your quality vehicle wrap provides exposure of your brand each day, to thousands of potential and existing customers traveling along the highways in your community. It works effectively well when parked in areas that experience high foot traffic.

Low Cost per Impression

As an effective alternative to high priced advertisement, car wraps offer the lowest cost per impression of any marketing scheme. Unlike affordable shared/rotating billboard marketing, direct mail and other advertising tools, a vehicle wrap provides exclusivity by eliminating the need to share space with other advertisers. If your company vehicles travel the road frequently (including bus companies, delivery services and vendors) you can dramatically increase the visibility of your company brand.

No Competition Advertising

Most forms of advertisement including billboards in prime locations require a bidding process to grab the most valuable marketing space, on highly traveled roads. Wrapping your car, box truck or vehicle eliminates any competition, making the most of the funds spent on advertising and marketing.vendors) you can dramatically increase the visibility of your company brand.t

No Damage to the Vehicle’s Finish

The typical life span of a high-quality car wrap generally last between 3 to 5 years, you providing a significant return on your investment. The wrap is made from quality vinyl with a protective coating that works to preserve the vehicle's finish without hurting or diminishing its value at resale. An experienced installer can remove the vehicle wrap and eliminate any trace of the professional installation.

High-Quality Cast Vinyl

Using only the finest materials, cast vinyl stretches easily to conform to the surface of your vehicle. Upon installation, the installer can apply a clear laminate over the vinyl to provide a paint-like finish. This quality finished is designed to last between 3 to 5 years. Calendared vinyl is an alternative cost-effective, acceptable solution for vinyl wraps that only need to last a few months.