Q: What is the definition of a vehicle wrap?
A: Very simply defined, a vehicle wrap is a design that is literally wrapped around the vehicle. Our team of designers creates a customized design that is printed on a vinyl laminated wrap material. This material is then wrapped completely around the vehicle, attached directly to the vehicle's exterior. Our team pays such close attention to every detail of the process that the vehicle wrap looks almost identical to a custom pain application.

Q: What is the vehicle wrap printing process like?
A: We only use the most advanced and innovative printing technologies and equipment when creating your vehicle wrap. We have a printing department on site that inputs your unique design into our print server. The design is then printed using large format printers and the highest quality vinyl materials that have proven to be excellent mediums for vehicle wraps in the past. We take great care in only using printing techniques that are going to provide you with the highest resolution, and most vibrant colors.

Q: How much time does the actual vehicle wrapping process take?
A: Depending on the size of the wrap, and its complexity, the process generally lasts one to two days. Customers are given more precise application time estimates before the process begins.

Q: How do you design a vehicle wrap?
A: You design the wrap, with the help of our team of experienced vehicle wrap designers. Our specialists will consult personally with you, or your management staff, to brainstorm design themes that will work for you, your company, or your brand. Our goal is to get to know your message, and find the best ways to convey those messages through the vehicle wrap. Before the final vehicle wrap is made, you will have the opportunity to approve or modify every step of the process by viewing mockups and proofs of the design.

Q: Where does the vehicle wrapping application take place?
A: You can either bring your vehicle to us, and we will complete the entire process here at our facility in Santa Clara, California. Or, our team can come to you. A team of installers can bring their vehicle wrapping services to any location.

Q: Can the wrap be applied to the vehicle windows?
A: Yes. For safety reasons, vehicle wraps can only be applied to rear and side rear windows. The driver retains visibility through these windows because the window wraps are specially perforated to allow for transparency.

Q: How long will most vehicle wraps last?
A: As long as the wrap is not exposed to high pressure washing or scraping, it should last at least five full years.

Q: How is the wrap applied to the vehicle?
A: Placing a wrap on a vehicle is an extremely delicate and intricate process. This is why we only allow qualified installers, who have completed a lengthy and challenging training program, apply the wrap. The process of applying a wrap is extremely complicated, and unique for each vehicle. We only allow installers who have proven these skills time an again. The exact details of the process would be too complex to fully explain here.

Q: Can the wraps be designed and applied to anything besides cars and trucks?
A: Absolutely. We can wrap almost anything for you. Our team can wrap boats, buses, commercial building windows, walls, buses, and much more. If you are unsure if your desired space can be wrapped, contact us and we can give you solutions.

Q: If I change company information, can the wrap be updated easily?
A: Absolutely. Any information, such as phone numbers, names, or logos, or any other part of your wrap design, can be updated. Our team can print an overlay and install it over the area that needs to be updated.

Q: Do vehicle wraps cause damage to the underlying paint?
A: Absolutely not. In fact, the vehicle wrap actually provides a cover that can provide great protection for your paint job. As long as you have your wrap installed and removed using qualified experts, your paint job is safe.

Q: Can you help me find a company that will pay me to advertise on my vehicle?
A: We do not provide any brokering between advertisers or drivers. We simply design, print, and apply the wraps to vehicles.

Q: My vehicle is leased; can I have a wrap applied to it?
A: Yes, you can. A vehicle wrap can be removed without causing any damage to the vehicle. Therefore, it is possible to apply a wrap to a vehicle that is leased.

Q: What if I want to remove the wrap?
A: The vehicle wrap can be removed, but please do not attempt to remove the wrap on your own. If you do attempt to perform the removal yourself, you run the risk of causing damage to the paint on your vehicle. Our team of specialists is trained to be able to remove your vehicle wrap using the best and safest techniques.

Q: What types of maintenance is required for a vehicle wrap?
A: Your vehicle wrap will last a very long time as long as you avoid using power washers; wash the vehicle by hand instead. During the winter, keep your warp safe by using a brush or rear defroster to remove snow and ice instead of a scraper.

Q: How are the sizes of the vehicle wraps determined?
A: Vehicle wrap sizes are determined by the amount of the vehicle that is being covered. Full wraps cover the entire vehicle, while wraps only cover half of the vehicle, and so on.

Q: Where do I go to receive your services?
A: Our facility is located in Santa Clara, California. If this is not a convenient location for you, please contact us and we can send a team of vehicle wrap specialists straight to you instead.

Q: Will my vehicle wrap be guaranteed?
A: Yes. Your vehicle wrap will be under our full warranty for five years.